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      Robot assembly

      It has the characteristics of high precision, strong operation stability, good flexibility, small space, and can be used with other systems. It can be equipped with different tooling according to the process needs to meet the diverse production requirements of multi batch and small batch production line in the future. It only needs simple programming and tooling replacement to realize fast switching

      Robot transfer

      Its remarkable characteristic is intellectualization. Equipped with automatic guidance system, it can ensure that the system can automatically travel along the predetermined route without manual guidance, and automatically transport materials from the starting point to the destination.Another feature is flexibility. The travel path can be flexibly changed according to the requirements of storage location and production process. Compared with the traditional conveyor belt and rigid conveyor line, the cost of changing the operation path is very high.Generally, it is equipped with loading and unloading mechanism, which can automatically interface with other material equipment to realize the whole process automation of loading and unloading and handling of goods and materials.

      T-type robot

      T-type robot is a product independently designed and developed by Shanghai Yongqian, which has won exclusive title and property protection. Its host is T-shaped structure, which adapts to the complex and changeable working environment. The product is easy to operate and widely used. Its fully automatic unmanned transportation technology is easy to access to the manufacturing management system.

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