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      Hard arm power assisted manipulator

      Hard arm power assisted manipulator, also known as power assisted arm, manipulator, etc., takes air as the power source and uses the principle of force balance to realize "floating" of the workpiece. The operator only needs to push, pull, lift and pull down easily to put the weight to the designated position

      T-type manipulator

      T-type manipulator is an important branch of the manipulator family. It has simple and light structure, and can be easily automated through electrical coordination

      High automation manipulator

      High automatic manipulator can walk automatically and complete complex actions

      Adjust tooling

      Adjustment tooling is mainly used in automobile surface adjustment assembly line. The operation mode can be manual or automatic. It has the characteristics of high precision.

      Torsion arm

      The rigid mechanical arm is used to replace the manual hand to grasp the tightening gun to complete the tightening operation

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