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      Shanghai Yongqian is one of the first R & D enterprises in China to explore the new energy vehicle power exchange mode, and is also one of the few domestic suppliers that can provide complete power exchange solutions. It has always maintained the industry leading level in the field of power exchange, and accumulated rich experience in reducing the comprehensive cost, improving the accuracy, and realizing unattended inductive power exchange.

      As an intelligent energy supplement terminal integrating power exchange, charging, monitoring, fire control, intelligent temperature control, battery maintenance and other functions, Shanghai Yongqian power station has realized the whole process intelligent networking of vehicle, station, battery and cloud. With the three-level fire protection system, it can provide safe, convenient, efficient and reliable energy supplement service for new energy vehicle users. From entering the power station to intelligent identification and inspection of the vehicle, to chassis battery replacement, intelligent payment and vehicle leaving the power station, the whole process takes only one minute. By adopting the modular architecture of high compatibility power exchange platform, the power exchange station can be adapted to a variety of models, which is convenient for the comprehensive popularization and promotion of the market.


      Add:777 sizhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai